And away we go…


So blame it on my upcoming birthday, blame it on boredom, or simply blame it on a desire for something new.  A few weeks ago I thought to myself I wasn’t doing what I originally had hoped I would be doing while living in Colorado.  Sure, I have been hiking, camping, and of course skiing while living in this great state.  I have taken part in some pretty amazing things ranging from driving up one of the highest peaks to skiing our beloved “stunt ditch” numerous times.  All in all, it’s been a great run so far, yet it somehow seems that I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the amazing things here.

During my tenure in this state, I have considered each summer to be better than the last.  As a group, we participate in many things, but recently I have felt like we always end up just going to a bar.  Yes, City Park Jazz is incredible, as are spending lazy Saturdays at Wash Park, but I have come to realize that I now want more.  I once read (yes, I read) that when you start feeling comfortable in a situation is exactly when you need to change things up.  This is where comes in. was originally a plan, or excuse rather, for me to motivate myself to get off my ass and try something exciting for 10 weekends this summer, then to blog about it here.  These things could range from doing something different in the park (boot camp fitness?) to rock climbing to participating in an adventure race.  Once I decided on this, I mentioned the idea to a few friends and everything just escalated.  Why not expand to all travel, local and abroad?  Why restrict it to adventure?  The real question is, why not?  With that, I give you this site.  Our goal is to provide as much useful and exciting information for those that feel the same way I do, for those that don’t want to spend each precious weekend doing the same thing over and over again.  Adventure is the key, and our goal is a minimum of 10 things this summer, so I now challenge you…what’s your 10?

– C

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