Sante Fe Farmers’ Market

Mixture of market goods

On occasion, I like to try to ensure the longevity of my life by visiting and purchasing from the local farmers market.  Luckily, in the great city of Denver we are fortunate enough to have several of these, including at least one indoor market that operates year-round.  This isn’t just good, this is great.

I realize that going to a farmers market may not seem like the typical “adventure” that most of us are expecting from this blog, but we feel this is one of those things that you must be a part of if you are to live in any community.  Not only will you be eating healthier and feeling better, but you will also be giving back to the community by supporting local business.  Yes, some of the food is more expensive ($4 for a dozen eggs?!), but some is less expensive, and all of it is incredibly delicious.

The market I went to visit is off of Sante Fe and 2nd Ave.  As I said before, it’s open year-round which is extremely convenient, even if they don’t have the best selection.  Even with the minimal selection though, you will still be able to find fresh greens, spices, meats, cheeses, pies, jams, and noodles.  As with most markets, there will be plenty of free samples to entice your taste buds and convince you to buy (I recommend the strawberry-rhubarb jam).  I suspect that the market will grow as the peak season grows near, so I look forward to future visits.  Overall, I highly recommend this market based on the quality of the food and the friendliness of everyone there (both buyers and sellers).

Throughout the summer, I will be checking out more of the farmers markets in and around the Denver area.  Once checked out, I will post the pros/cons as much as possible for each market, so stay tuned!

– C

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