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If you’re looking for an update, don’t look here…

Ok, so as of now, May 9th 2010, is now officially located at  We will no longer be updating this site, so if you’re looking for something cool, just go to the real site. Thanks! – C Advertisements

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Pete’s Kitchen – A Denver Must.

It’s late (or early).  You’re tired and hungry, and all you want is some great tasting food at a reasonable price without having to wait for hours on end.  Taco Bell just doesn’t cut it these days, so what do … Continue reading

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Mile High Sci-Fi – Go!

Have you ever been at home on a Friday or Saturday night thinking “I really didn’t think TNT could go any lower with their choice in movies…I wish I at least had a cold beer and some comedians to help … Continue reading

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Body Worlds at DMNS

Have you ever been in a situation where you simply flabbergasted?  For me, this is not a regular occurrence, but is still possible on occasion.  Body Worlds is one such occasion.  For this “episode” of Tenadventures, we went to visit … Continue reading

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Sante Fe Farmers’ Market

On occasion, I like to try to ensure the longevity of my life by visiting and purchasing from the local farmers market.  Luckily, in the great city of Denver we are fortunate enough to have several of these, including at … Continue reading

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